• Partnerships

    Through green rejuvenation project, we offer our experience and expertise to help you build and maintain your urban farm. We consult, design, build and provide management and maintenance of urban farms and gardens.

    Our team share experience in urban farming, gardening, landscaping, community building, education, sustainability, finance, and governance, and have worked on a wide variety of projects, from small-scale urban farm and workplace gardens, to large scale community projects.

  • Team Building

    City Sprouts Henderson is a unique and vibrant space at a centralized location in Singapore. We offer perfect place to get your team together to bond, get creative or be productive through horticulture acitivities.

    Sky Sprouts at Bukit Timah is a rooftop green sanctuary. We offer wellness programs and mindfullness retreat to allow your employees to unwind, destress and have a good time in a peaceful nature environment.

  • Volunteering

    We have set up our farm in the city to take steps towards providing green productive spaces for people to connect with food! So, needless to say, we have lots of help from volunteers to acheive that.

    Corporate Volunteering is a great way for your teams to get their hands dirty, bond and learn some new skills. It’s also adds huge value to the community and people that we serve.

    City Sprouts Henderson & Sky Sprouts Bukit Timah is a fully operational, overseen by our small team. We mave many volunteer sessions available weekly - it's a great way to be involved! Join our volunteering group!

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