Since the launch of 3by30 to reduce food dependency on imports, we’ve seen many farming innovations implemented that addresses land scarcity and turn to technology to increase production. In pursuit of farming yield and economic returns, we often forget about the social aspect of community inclusion and pushing for the social impact we can do. The Kampong Farm Competition by City Sprouts aims to challenge the public to rethink about our Kampong Spirit in today’s urban context, seek new ideation of Urban Farm concepts that have a strong focus on community inclusion, or even better, address social issues such as mental health.

This competition is beyond planning & designing of an urban farm, it should include creative ways of how community interacts with the urban farm, which in turn bring positive impact (including intangible benefits) back to community.

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· Site Selection: Entrees must elaborate on a chosen site in Singapore context.

· Concept must be designed for Land or on Rooftop farm.

· Scale: Plot size not bigger than 30m x 15m.

· Whether is floor plans, elevations, 3d, isometric or sketch, participants has freedom to choose presentation style which best suits proposal concept.


· Justification of your chosen site and its feasibility in Singapore urban context.

· Clarity in concept with text / images / illustration supporting the proposal.

· Scale of positive impact your proposal will bring on to address the chosen Social Issue.

· Creativity in features that contribute to achieving your social objectives.

· How you plan to measure the success of your project.


· Include Name(s), Email(s), Contact Number(s) of Author

· File Type: PDF proposal presentation

· File Size: Maximum 10mb

· Deadline 22 April 2022, 11:59pm

· Send to competition@citysprouts.com.sg



· Submissions sent after this deadline will not be considered.

· No plagiarism. If found, entrees will be disqualified.

· Participants will be held accountable for the data they provide to the organisers.


· The Jury’s decision would be final and incontestable.

· Participants are not allowed to publish or disclose their project anywhere before the final winners are announced.

· Participants who have a personal relation with any of the Jury are not allowed to participate.

· Participants are not allowed to contact the Jury in any form. Such action will result into a direct disqualification.

Intellectual Property

· Participants should ensure their work does not infringe any third party intellectual rights.

· The organiser has the right to verify and may ask for further proof of original idea.

Processes & Mechanics

· The organisers hold a complete right to change the dates of the competitions for improvements or modifications. The participants in such case would be informed via email.



  • ZAC TOH - Founder of City Sprouts

    Mr Zac Toh was crowned Singapore's Young Green Innovator of the Year for his work in pioneering green roofs.

  • RANDY CHAN - Principal Architect of Zarch Collaboratives

    Award-winning Architect Randy Chan does architecture, conservation, curation, exhibition, landscape urbanism, placemaking and art that engage with the dynamic urban and climatic context of Singapore.

  • TATIANA SIUFI - Independent Consultant

    Tatiana, a sustainability advocate and gardening lover who left the corporate world to dedicate her time to making the world a better place. She is passionate about education and aims to inspire communities to take small steps towards a more sustainable life.