Eco Run Marina Barrage Vendor Payment Portal

Lace up and join us at Eco Run Marina Barrage, an upcoming sustainable running event, where we're bringing together health, fitness, and environmental sustainability. Showcase your eco-friendly products or services that align with the run's mission of reducing our carbon footprint and promoting zero waste living. Be part of an exciting event that's making a positive impact on both our bodies and the planet. Join us and contribute to a greener, healthier future!

You should join us if:

  • you offer great after-run snacks and brunch options, or refreshing drinks such as kombucha, matcha, vegan protein powders, granola bars, ... (no coffee however). The runners and their families will definitely be happy to see you! Remember, zero waste is the key here!
  • you have a sports brand that sells sustainable sportswear and gear. 
  • you offer other lifestyle or sustainable products that promote a zero waste lifestyle
  • You can choose to man the booth yourself or ask CitySprouts to help in case you can't make it! We will man your booth for you (after you give us a briefing of your products). You will only need to bring the products to CitySprouts (and pick them up after the market), and we will take care of the rest! In this case, the products are on consignment, and CitySprouts will receive 10% of your sales.

11 June 2023, Sunday

7am - 1130pm (6hrs)

Marina Barrage

Outdoors sheltered booth

NOT pet friendly

NO cooking or preparing of food allowed.

Vendor Options

Retail Merchants

Provision of:

  • Table measuring 1.8m x 70cm
  • 2 Chairs
  • Sheltered Tent
  • Electricity upon request (if available)

Normal Price:  $250 incl 8% GST

Consignment:  $150 incl 8% GST + 10% of your income as consignment

Terms and Conditions:

  • Price stated includes 8% GST
  • City Sprouts reserves the rights to decide on the final assignment of table spot or workshop space.
  • Vendor must make effort to decorate or spruce up their own visual merchandising for their assigned table.
  • Vendor to be present at their booth at all time to interact with visitors and share more information about their initiatives.
  • Vendor to cooperate in furnishing product information to City Sprouts.
  • Booking is NOT confirmed until booth fee is paid.
  • Vendor is to handle their own payment mode and processes with visitors.
  • Should vendor request to pull out from the event after payment made, there will be no refund.
  • City Sprouts reserves the rights to withdraw vendor or their products during the event that are deemed inappropriate.
  • CitySprouts or Marina Barrage and the Eco Run Organisers will not be responsible for any theft of items during the market.
  • Vendors will be required to tear down by the end of each day. We will provide storage space to store your products on the premises.

By transacting, you acknowledge and agree to the terms of participation as a Marina Barrage Eco Run vendor.

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