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HomeBiogas 2.0

Did you know that 40% of waste in the world is organic? 🤯 Shop a bio-digester that converts food waste into clean cooking gas and liquid fertilizer ♻️

HomeBiogas is a world leader in developing ground-breaking, easy-to-use biogas systems that enable people and businesses to turn their organic waste into clean energy on-site.

By turning organic waste into cooking gas and liquid fertilizer, the off-grid system offers a comprehensive solution for organic waste management, renewable energy generation, and sustainable practices.


  1. Turn your waste into savings - Insert your organic waste into the digester via the inlet sink (Manage up to 1.5 gallons of organic waste daily)
  2. Clean cooking gas generated daily - Using anaerobic digestion, the system decomposes waste and transforms it into renewable biogas for cooking. (Generate up to 2 hours of free cooking gas daily)
  3. Collect rich liquid bio-fertilizer containing all the essential elements needed for healthy plant growth

System dimensions: 210x115x130 cm / 83x45x49 in. Comes with

  1. A Biogas Stove
  2. Gas Pipe 7m / 23ft for outdoor piping + 3m / 10ft for indoor piping
  3. Gas Filter
  4. An Inlet Sink with a plunger
  5. Combined Fertilizer & Gas Outlet

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