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city sprouts space

Sustainability Centre Indoor

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The sustainability centre is a creative sandbox for green creators and ultimately a
knowledge center that engages communities. Through intentional physical design, embedding many innovations and integration of closed-loop circular principles, this dynamic space strives to push boundaries of sustainable systems while encouraging ground up involvement from the community.

Located within the farm space of City Sprouts @ Henderson, the Sustainability Centre features a Green Roof with a patented mat system call Gaia Mat - an innovation collaborated with GWS Living Art, Gaia Mat is a lightweight green roof mat system
installed onto Sustainability Centre’s metal roof that brings down the temperature of the metal roof by 2 times, from around 60 degrees in the middle of the day to 28 degrees - reducing the need for strong air-conditioning and improves thermal comfort indoor. To close the loop, the mat system helps in filtering the rainwater and also slows down the stormwater runoff in the ground. With filtered rainwater, it can be used for various means in farming or aqua activities.

Dimension: Length 18metre x 8metre width.

Customise the room layout according to your needs, with the furniture that is provided.

You can email with details of your intent to rent, we will then provide a detail rental proposal and quotation after discussing with you about your needs and requirements.


Up to 160 pax standing, 80 pax sitting


2282 sq ft (212 sqm)


- Aircondition

- Standing fans

- Tables

- Chairs

- Plug points

- Projector (additional fee)

- Catering (additional fee)

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    Capacity limitations may vary based on current government safety regulations.

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