What We Do

As a social enterprise, we rejuvenate urban spaces and develop educational programs, bringing together socially-minded individuals and businesses to create communities that inform, educate and support action on social and environmental issues.

Because empowering people with knowledge today, will help us to make better choices tomorrow.

City Sprout Henderson

Our Story

Founded in 2019, City Sprouts @ Henderson is our first redevelopment project that transformed part of the former Henderson Secondary School into an urban farming redevelopment. Allocated between a nursing home and childcare center, we are committed to help bridge multi-generational relationships.

Vision & Mission

In rejuvenating new urban spaces, we believe in the ground up spirit in making Singapore more sustainable and food independent. Driven by the Green Plan and 30 by 30, we are committed to redevelop multiple urban spaces with community-driven programs that help nurture a community of burgeoning green businesses and socially-minded individuals who are interested in food, agriculture and sustainability.

  • Unique Experiences

    We're driven by our passion for crafting unique programs that provide people with new adventures and foster a profound connection with nature. We are dedicated to continually creating exciting and age-friendly experiences that bring joy and fun to all.

  • Community Engagement

    At the heart of our mission is community-building. Through our various spaces, we facilitate connections, create shared experiences, and forge lasting memories, all while nurturing a strong sense of wonder and belonging within our community.

  • Sustainability

    We go beyond mere experiences; our goal is to empower individuals with knowledge, tools, and a platform for learning, sharing, and collectively drive positive change towards a sustainable world.

  • Guided Farm Tours

  • Team Building

  • School Learning Journeys

  • Educational Programs

  • Volunteer

  • Events & Workshops

  • City Sprouts Founder Zac Toh

    Zac Toh, Founder

    An urban greenery specialist, Zac is the mastermind behind the Gaiamat green roof system as well as Asia’s first green roof bus. As SGBC’s Green Innovator of the Year in 2017, he has almost a decade of technical knowledge in urban greenery design and implementation.

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  • A portrait headshot of a smiling female co-founder in a company

    Simone Lim, Co-founder

    Simone leads the business development team at City Sprouts and has been a volunteer from the beginning; with prior experience in conducting eco-workshops. She wants to explore creative ways to promote awareness of sustainability in our community spaces.

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