• Allotment Plots

    Looking for a space to grow your own food or your beloved plant? Discover your exclusive gardening plot at our farms across Singapore and connect with like-minded farmers in your community.

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  • School Learning Journey

    Embark on a comprehensive nature-based learning adventure at our urban farm. Students delve into various facets of farming, uncover the origins of our food and gaining profound insights into the world of agriculture.

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  • Team Building

    Discover the perfect team bonding experience amidst nature at our farm. Immerse yourselves in sustainable team building activities for a memorable and enjoyable getaway.

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Fostering communities through shared discovery

In the busy city life, many of us feel disconnected from nature and crave authentic experiences. Our mission is to reignite the connection between communities and the natural world, fostering a deep and lasting sense of wonder through shared experiences.

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