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Our Corporate Sustainability Workshops

Dive into the realm of corporate sustainability!

Our engaging sustainability workshops offer the tools and insights your employees need to embrace eco-friendly initiatives and make a lasting impact, while having fun, bonding and building stronger connections. Discover a new way forward, where sustainability is a part of your team's DNA.

  • Gardening

    This is a great opportunity for your team to develop their green thumbs.

    From calming DIY Terrarium & Kokedama sessions that promote mindfulness to informative workshops on cultivating their own herb garden, your team will not only gain valuable knowledge but will also rejuvenate their spirits.

  • Farm-To-Table

    Time to bring those fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs to our plate, because who doesn't love food?

    In our Farm-to-Table workshops, your team will learn how to make their own food while having loads of fun with the team.

    Make your own Vietnamese Rice Rolls, Pesto Sauce or Pizzas, and enjoy the fruits of your own labor.

  • Upcycling & Sustainability

    Whether it's our Signature Farm Tour, an Amazing Race or a Nature-based Art Work, there is something for everyone and for all ages.

    Using upcycled materials or organic material from the farm, there are many possibilities that will teach you new techniques, new ways of using materials and stimulating creativity.

Some of our past events and activities

  • MAS Green Team Bonding

    The Monetary Authority Singapore was looking for an outdoors activity that promotes sustainability and team bonding. By organizing an exciting Amazing Race, the team learned about the Sustainable Development Goals in a fun way that keep them on their feet (both literally and figuratively)!

  • Safra Family Day

    Safra was looking for a Family Day where the kids and parents can connect while learning something new about sustainability. A mixture of interactive classes and creative workshops kept them socially and mindfully engaged while they were at the farm.

  • DBS Volunteering

    Promoting both team bonding and sustainability, DBS wanted to go beyond by also contributing to a greener city. Helping out at the farm throughout various sessions, the volunteering experience has been a great for both their team and the farm!

Company Family Days

  • Whether it's just a fun day for the employees to relax together or it includes the kids, a company family day is a great way to get to know each other in a different setting. Embrace eco-friendly fun, interactive workshops, and team-building activities while making a positive impact on the environment. It's a day of shared experiences, learning, and green bonding for your entire corporate family.

    Reach Out for a customised Family Day 


Want to volunteer with your team to build a greener space or teach skills to beneficiary?

  • Support a social cause

    Are you looking to build a more inclusive workforce or want a chance to give the differently-abled and your team a memorable day? Then doing a workshop together is a great way to get to know each other. Especially if it involves greenery and sustainability.

  • Help build a greener city

    Are you ready to get your hands dirty? Because with this activity you will be helping us shape the farm!

    Ranging from pruning the plants, planting new ones or harvesting the ones that are ready, there is always work to do at the farm.

    Apart from learning valuable skills and understanding the work that goes into a farm, this will be an experience that the volunteers can be proud of and revisit whenever they want.

Our Spaces

  • Our flagship farm @Henderson

    As a dynamic educational hub, our farm features 36 greenhouses and 12 farming stations. Come discover our farm through farm tours, farmers markets, learning journeys, and corporate team-building activities.

  • Our cosy rooftop @Sky Sprouts

    Located on a rooftop above the city, this farm offers a peaceful escape from the chaos. As part of its commitment to enhancing mental health, Sky Sprouts hosts a variety of lifestyle programs for the community.


  • Corporate Team bonding Participants

    "Well thought-out programme, and learned a lot about sustainability to take home in our daily lives!"

  • MAS I Department Retreat Organising Team 2023

    "We would like to thank City Sprouts for such a highly engaging and educational retreat! We learned more about urban farming, and the UNESCO SDGs, and even got to take home our handmade kokedamas and terrariums. More importantly, it was a day of connecting with nature and our colleagues, leaving us feeling inspired and rejuvenated!"

  • Corporate Team bonding Participants

    "Very fun and educational programme! Would highly recommend it, especially for families! We had great fun, enjoyed the day and learned so much :)"

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