School Programmes

City Sprouts offers educational programmes suitable for students of all ages, from preschools, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as well as pre-university and tertiary education institutions. Increasingly, sustainability has become a way of life and an essential part of navigating the future. Our programs are designed to bring students closer to nature and foster interest in sustainability.

  • Preschools & Kindergarten [60mins]

    Embark on an extraordinary adventure with Sid as children explore the enchanting wonders of our vibrant farm! Students will be brought around our farm following a story arc, specially designed to bring learning to life! With many multisensory touchpoints during the tour, children will engage in hands-on activities such as identifying herbs through scent, and feeding our aquaponic fishes, to learn more about nature and biodiversity.

  • Primary & Secondary Schools [120mins]

    In our signature walking tour of the urban farm, learn about various edibles, local herbs and get up close with some furry friends at the chicken and duck coop! Students will also venture into technologically-advanced farming techniques such as aquaponics and hydroponics. Students will also learn the science of composting through our high-tech compost system! Interactive activities will include upcycling or microgreens workshops.

Hear from our City Sprouts Community!

"The guided tour conducted by City Sprouts was surely an engaging one for both adults and young children. While collaborating on this field trip together, I informed City Sprouts of the class age group and size and they were accommodating to split the class into smaller groups and to include sensorial experiences to engage the children better. From meeting the furry friends, to tea-making, and introduction to a variety of plants, the families had a great time participating in the activities. The facilitators were also friendly and fun which enhanced the entire experience. Thank you City Sprouts for this learning journey!”

- SHAWS Preschool @ Katong Post

  • Gardening Masterclass

    Through our 3 sessions (3hours/session) Gardening Masterclass, you will be equipped fundamental gardening skills. Recommended for older students taking up leadership positions and teachers.

  • Interactive Workshops

    Workshops include basic gardening 101, composting and vermi-composting, microgreens, enzyme making and many more. Best suited for larger groups of students. Workshop duration ranges from 15mins to 45mins.

  • Gardening CCAs

    Develop a green thumb with regular sessions over the course of 3-6 months, with the guidance of an experienced gardener. Recommended for CCAs or personal development programs incorporating therapeutic horticulture.

  • Build a Garden

    Engage City Sprouts to turn an empty space in your school into a garden, which also doubles as a learning experience for students.

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