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Sprout Journey (120 mins)
The learning journey begins with a farm tour for 60 mins where students will have to identify various local herbs and flowers. You might even encounter a fluffy friend! This is followed a deep dive into waste. Our landfill Pulau Semakau will be completely filled by 2035. What can we do to cut down our waste? Students will gain an introduction into composting and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to sort and reduce waste. Lastly, students will be engaged in a hands-on workshop revolving around the theme of upcycling or farming.


Train the Trainer (Multiple Sessions)
We are glad to know that many schools now have an urban farm in the compound! To effectively engage the students, teachers need to be equipped with the know-how. Our Train-the-trainer programme aims to impart knowledge of gardening, common pests and how to avoid them, composting and what to grow based on where the urban farm is located (in terms of sun, shade cover, wind). Our farm experts will share tips and tricks that will enhance students' hands-on experience on the farm.


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