Corporate workshop for women

Embrace Nature's Beauty

In today's world of mass production and over-the-counter convenience, it's essential to uncover the hidden truths behind the consumer grooming products we use daily. Some of these products are harmful for our planet but also on our own well-being.

On March 8, in celebration of International Womens Day, we hosted a team of ladies from Willis Towers Watson (WTW) at WeWork. We presented about the common chemicals found in over-the-counter products and how it can harm the environment. From parabens and sulfates to synthetic fragrances and microplastics, these substances can have a detrimental impact on our environment. After 30mins on gaining insights, the ladies are treated to a self-pampering workshop where they make their own body scrubs and hair masks using clean accessible pantry ingredients.

Corporate workshop for Women

Through the session, apart from imparting the knowledge of the transformative natural ingredients, the workshop also empowers the staff to make conscious choices for their well-being and the planet. And through the hands-on activities, it fosters social connections within the staff, build meaningful connections that strengthen camaraderie in the workplace.

Corporate Workshop for women

Ready to take the next step towards a sustainable and socially connected workplace? Consider hosting an Au Natural Workshop at your corporation. This workshop provides a valuable opportunity for your colleagues to learn about natural beauty regimes, strengthen bonds, and foster a culture of environmental responsibility. Reach out to our team today at to explore how hosting an Au Natural Workshop can benefit your corporation.

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