Students at a fruit enzymes workshop as part of a learning journey at City Sprouts.

Educational Partnerships: Collaborating with Schools and the Community

Schools play a pivotal role in the development of students, particularly in an academically-focused environment like Singapore. Students spend a significant amount of time in classrooms, absorbing a wealth of information across various subjects. Recognizing the importance of a well-rounded education, the education system is increasingly shifting towards a more holistic approach. This involves incorporating Applied Learning Programmes (ALPs) and Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) to provide students with practical skills and values that extend beyond traditional academics.

Applied Learning Programmes are designed to make learning more engaging and relevant by connecting classroom lessons with real-world applications. These programs encourage students to explore different fields, develop critical thinking skills, and solve real-world problems. Character & Citizenship Education, on the other hand, focuses on building students’ character, instilling values, and fostering a sense of responsibility towards their community and the environment.

This is where City Sprouts comes in, offering innovative and engaging experiences that complement these initiatives. 


Students interacting with chickens while on a learning journey farm tour at City Sprouts.

Nurturing Young Minds: Our School Partnerships with Children

City Sprouts is proud to collaborate with numerous schools, enriching the educational experiences of students through our on-site tours and hands-on activities as well as our outbound workshops and partnerships. 

In the last 18 months, we have conducted over 180 school learning journeys at our flagship farm in Henderson; ranging from as young as 18 months old to University students. These learning journeys serve as means to gain knowledge about plant biology and ecology, learn practical skills in gardening and composting, develop an appreciation for sustainable practices and to enhance their creativity and teamwork through nature-based projects. 

Besides showcasing our current efforts in sustainability through our learning journeys, we also work with schools in other forms: garden rejuvenations, co-curricular activities, and custom programmes.


Breathing New Life into Common Spaces: The Magic of Garden Rejuvenations

In the bustling environment of modern education, finding innovative ways to enrich the learning experience is essential. One of the most impactful methods is through the creation and rejuvenation of gardens within school premises. Gardens are not just patches of greenery; they are living classrooms that provide invaluable educational benefits, particularly for children. Collaborating with schools and the community to develop these spaces can breathe new life into common areas, fostering a sense of wonder, responsibility, and connection to nature among students.

Creating and maintaining a school garden is a collaborative effort that brings together students, teachers, parents, and community members. This collective endeavour strengthens community bonds and fosters a sense of belonging.

In our mission to breathe new life into common spaces, we have partnered with several schools to rejuvenate their gardens. These collaborations have not only transformed the physical landscapes but also enriched the educational journeys of countless students.


Students enjoying nature on the farm at City Sprouts.

Enriching Minds Beyond the Classroom: The Power of Co-Curricular Partnerships

In the evolving landscape of education, co-curricular activities play a pivotal role in providing a well-rounded experience for students. 

Here at City Sprouts, we regularly host our signature Gardening Masterclass sessions as well as our Gardening CCA series for students ranging from Primary level to Higher Education. Through these co-curricular activities, students will delve into the intricacies of caring and understanding plants around them. 

By forming strategic partnerships with schools, we can enhance these co-curricular programs, offering students opportunities to explore their passions, develop leadership abilities, and engage in team bonding. These collaborations not only enrich the educational journey but also prepare students for future challenges by nurturing creativity, teamwork, and resilience. Together, through co-curricular partnerships, we are creating environments where students can thrive and discover their full potential.


Tailored to Success: The Impact of Custom School Partnership Programs

In today's diverse educational landscape, one size does not fit all. Recognizing the unique needs and aspirations of each school, custom school partnership programs offer tailored solutions that enhance the learning experience and foster student achievement. These bespoke programs are designed in collaboration with educators, parents, and community stakeholders to address specific challenges and leverage local opportunities.

We have done multiple and are currently in the process of rolling out various catered programmes to schools and communities - which focuses on efforts ranging from sustainability to social entrepreneurship. 

These tailored programs are designed to equip students with practical skills and knowledge, preparing them to become proactive leaders and problem solvers in their communities. By continuously adapting and expanding our custom partnership offerings, we strive to meet the evolving needs of schools and create impactful, long-lasting educational experiences.


Educational partnerships are the cornerstone of fostering holistic development in students, ensuring that they receive a comprehensive, enriching experience that extends beyond traditional academics. Through our dedicated efforts in nurturing young minds, we have established meaningful collaborations with schools, focusing on creating environments where children can thrive emotionally, intellectually, and socially. Explore our programs at City Sprouts and reach out to us to plan a personalised learning experience for you and your students.


Students posing for a group photo at the end of a tiring but fun learning journey programme at City Sprouts.
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