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Kids Adventure Camp: June Holiday Edition!

Step beyond the indoor classroom and set out on an adventure into nature! Let your child experience the outdoors like never before and learn all-new outdoor skills through fun and play. With 3 unique camps in our Henderson, Pasir Ris and West Coast locations, dive into an immersive experience in our farms and the surrounding landscapes to learn about environmental issues like food security and biodiversity conservation. Gear up for an exciting June Holidays on the farm – adventure awaits!

Choose Your Own Adventure:

Sprout Discovery @ Henderson
18 -20 June 2024, Tues-Thurs
8.30am to 12:30pm (8am reporting time)
Suitable for kids aging 6-11years old
City Sprouts @ Henderson | 102 Henderson Road, S159562

Spice Trail @ West Coast
18 -20 June 2024, Tues-Thurs
8.30am to 12.30pm (8am reporting time)
West Coast Park | W Coast Ferry Rd, Singapore 126978

Young Ecopreneur @ Pasir Ris
5-7 June 2024, Wed - Fri
8.30am to 12.30pm (8am reporting time)
City Sprouts @ Pasir Ris | 3A Pasir Ris Drive 6, Singapore 519422

For all our camps, kids get to experience:

Environmental Stewardship:

Our camp is all about fostering a love for the outdoors, nature and wildlife. Throughout the camp, kids will learn about the importance of environmental sustainability in farming practices. They'll explore concepts such as biodiversity, conservation, and the impact of agriculture on ecosystems, empowering them to become responsible stewards of the environment. Empowering them to be young environmental stewards, they will gain a firsthand understanding of the importance of environmental protection.

Sensory Experience:

We believe in giving your child a truly immersive learning experience, harnessing the power of nature to engage all their senses. Our camp activities are carefully designed to expose children to scientific concepts like the water cycle, biodiversity conservation, and food systems through firsthand encounters with nature. Enter nature’s classroom for a learning experience like no other!

Cultivating Collaboration:

At City Sprouts, we believe that learning is best achieved together. Our camps emphasise cooperation, communication, and problem-solving skills through games and learning activities. Our camps foster a strong sense of community and friendship and teach important collaborative skills.

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Adventure Awaits
  • Discover the secrets of growing these flavorful treasures but also delve into their cultural heritage. Led by instructors, children will explore the origins and significance of various spices and herbs, gaining a deeper understanding of their place in history and society. From planting and nurturing to harvesting and cooking, this hands-on journey promises to ignite curiosity and foster a lifelong appreciation for nature's bounty.

    Activity include:

    1. Farm Tour
    2. Plant propagation
    3. Visit Fort Canning
    4. Discover heritage of herbs and spices
    5. Farm-to-table cooking

  • Immerse in our Henderson farm to learn all about food systems and food security. Through planting, harvesting, and cooking activities, kids will have the opportunity to experience the food production process firsthand and learn about how the environment affects what's on their plates, right here on our farm in the city.

    Activities include:

    1. Plant propagation

    2. Farm tour

    3. Interaction with chickens and fish

    4. Farm-to-table pizza making

    5. Straw hat painting

    6. Visit Rifle Range Nature Park

  • An ecopreneur is an entrepreneur focused on environmentally sustainable products and services. Ecopreneurship promotes business models that prioritize ecological responsibility, balancing profitability with environmental stewardship. 

    Our young ecopreneur will learn to collaborate with nature to foster long-term sustainability and conserve resources for future generations.

    Activities include:

    1. Exploring Pasir Ris Park Mangrove walk
    2. Science Based workshops
    3. Meet an ecoprenuer and get inspired by them!
    4. Prototyping and confident pitching

FAQs: Don't Worry! Your Every Concern Addressed!

What is the instructor to children ratio?

Our instructor to children ratio is 1:5. As the safety and well-being of your child is our utmost priority,we ensure that a first-aid certified instructor is present at all times throughout the camp.

Where is the meeting and pick-up point?

For your convenience, location for both meeting and pick-up point is the same. Do refer to the top for the address.

Is transportation provided?

Transportation is provided only on Excursion Days. A chartered bus will depart from the main meeting location to the excursion location and back.

Will there be food provided?

As this is a half day camp, food will not be provided. We will advise parents to pack some snacks for their break times during the camp.

Hear From Our Parents!

"Reina had the most wonderful time and came home excited with new sketches, sticks, unique leaf each day. She loved her time in nature with her friends building shelter. The skills she learnt will be invaluable” - Parent

Our Little Explorers In Action!

Can't make it on these dates?

We can also host for a private group of 8 children. Simply email us your preferred dates to and our team will check on our availability for your dates.

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  • Refund Policy

    A minimum number of participants is required for the programme to begin. A full refund will be refunded in the form of credits should the minimum number is not met. There will be no refund for cancellation two weeks prior to the date of the programme.

  • PDPA Notice

    Please note that photos and videos may be taken during activities for the purpose of use on social media,  in e-newsletters and on our website. All media will not be used for commercial purposes, or in any manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation.

  • Indemnity Notice

    As a participant, you acknowledge and waive all liabilities and claims that may arise from risks of injury, risks as a result of an encounter with the animals & plants, heat related injuries and illness including but not limited to heat exhaustion, sunburn and dehydration.