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Sky Sprouts

Pots and Munchies

This Mother's Day weekend, Cooking Reinvented and Hindhede Potheads are coming together to host a beginner-friendly pottery jamming class! We'll be focusing on hand-building techniques like pinching and coiling - it's super chill, trust us. So why not bring your Mom along, grab a bite of some delicious homemade canapes, cakes, and floral tea, and get your hands dirty in the process?

But that's not all - we're taking this party up to a gorgeous rooftop garden. Think the cool evening breeze, fresh air, and creativity. And the best part? You get to take your pots home with you in a couple of months after they're fired.

So, come join us for a laid-back and fun pottery sesh. We promise you'll leave feeling relaxed, accomplished, and maybe even a little bit proud of your handmade creations. See you there!