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city sprouts

Sprout Circle - A 3 Day Holiday Camp

Being immersed in the circular economy through a 3-day camp that starts with food, followed by food waste and composting, ending with upcycling & planting.

Day 1: Grow

  • What's Growing
    Discover edible greens growing around us
    (Naturalist studies approach, inviting children to observe their surrounding and make scientific inquiries)

  • From Farm to Table Mushroom Pizza
    Harvest and whip up a meal
    (Tactile fun on flour and dough, imaginative approach to garnishing pizza with colourful edibles harvested from our farm)

  • Tales on The Tree House
    Mindful Stories under the Ficus Tree

Day 2: Soil

  • City of Waste
    Discover the amazing world of compost
  • Teeming with life underground
    Uncover the worms and bugs
  • From Farm to Nature Canvas
    Art & craft activity with nature

Day 3: Farm

  • Cluck & Bloop
    Poultry & aquatic encounters with chicken & fish
  • Eco Paint & Plant
    Make natural pigments in the wild, paint a pot and pot a plant.
  • Nature's Symphony
    Create therapeutic sound with DIY upcycled wind chime

When is this happening?

  • Nov 30th – Dec 2nd (SOLD OUT)
  • Dec 14th – 16th  (SOLD OUT)
  • Dec 27th – 29th  (SOLD OUT)

At City Sprouts (102 Henderson Road S159562), 9am - 12pm.

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