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sky sprouts

Yoga in the Skies

Yoga on a Secret Rooftop Garden

Sunset Yoga:

8th September, Friday
6pm - 7pm

Immerse yourself in a captivating oasis of vibrant foliage and luscious greenery, with a mesmerising backdrop of the sky as you flow and breathe alongside us.

Get ready for an extraordinary "out-of-the-country" experience on our secret rooftop garden, with the rising or setting sun casting its golden/rosy hues upon on you.

This invigorating class will:

- Ignite your energy as we delve into dynamic flows and balances

- Awaken your body, mind & soul with our experienced yoga instructor, Tiara Brooke

- Unwind and release any lingering fatigue with rejuvenating stretches

- Melt away tired body-aches, granting you a moment of blissful pause

Join us for this exhilarating sunrise/sunset yoga session that promises an enchanting journey of movement, rejuvenation, and peaceful connection with nature!

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