A Green Oasis to Encourage and 'Upleaf',  A Blooming Community in the Heart of Punggol

A Green Oasis to Encourage and 'Upleaf', A Blooming Community in the Heart of Punggol

Meet Fendi from Littlebotany!

For many plant enthusiasts, Little Botany requires no introduction. What started as a personal Instagram page to share ornamental plants, Little Botany has since evolved into a thriving community that brings together people who share a common love for horticulture.

Fendi Sani stands as a trailblazer of cultivating urban green spaces in Singapore, with greenhouses established in Simei, Jalan Lekar, and, most recently, in City Sprouts Punggol.

Grounding Philosophy of Inclusivity and Warmth

The guiding philosophy that unites the Little Botany community is rooted in inclusivity and empowerment. Fendi firmly believes that the love for horticulture knows no boundaries, whether they be socio-economic, racial, or religious, and strives to harness the power of horticulture to foster greater environmental awareness and social inclusiveness within communities.

This guiding principle extends to the selection of plant saplings available to customers. With careful curation, Fendi ensures that the plants offered for sale are suitable for the local climate and friendly for beginners, fostering an encouraging experience for fellow horticulturists.

From Soil to Soul

Nurturing a personal connection with his clientele, Fendi understands the therapeutic potential of nature in calming the mind and nurturing the soul. He frequently encounters walk-in visitors who may not make plant purchases but simply seek solace in the presence of nature.

Fendi strongly believes that the journey of horticulture itself serves as a therapeutic process. The hands-on care and maintenance of plants engage the senses, fostering a close connection between oneself and the natural environment.

Check our Littlebotany's oasis at Punggol!

 📍City Sprouts Punggol, 50 Punggol East S828826

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