City Sprouts and Advisors’ Clique to Gift  2,000 Potted Seedlings on World Food Day

City Sprouts and Advisors’ Clique to Gift 2,000 Potted Seedlings on World Food Day

We gave away 2,000 sets of potted vegetable and rice seedlings with the support of Advisors’ Clique on World Food Day, which is observed on Saturday, 16 October 2021.

“Advisors’ Clique has been in business for 20 years. As we strive to overcome Covid-19 together, 26 of our directors would like to give back to society through this initiative with City Sprouts to commemorate our 20th anniversary” says Corene Toh, one of the founding members of Advisors’ Clique.

The joint #growingforgood community project engages in therapeutic horticulture, using plants and gardening to improve mental and physical health, and to bring safe and healthy food to our communities. Through the giveaway, up to 2,000 participants received a bundle of potted vegetable and rice seedlings. In addition, we and Advisors’ Clique identified PCF Sparkletots @ Radin Mas as one of their beneficiaries and gifted the preschool over 200 seedling bundles. The teachers distributed the seedlings amongst the students to work with their parents in cultivating the plants. 

“Through this project with Advisors’ Clique, we hope to bridge the intergenerational gap and CONNECT people to food through communal gardening. Ultimately, we strive to walk our diverse community through the growing journey,” said Chee Zhi Kin, co-founder of City Sprouts. 

City Sprouts continued the growing journey of participants by providing gardening tips from fertilizing, pest control, to harvesting, and other support in our Telegram group. The intention of the group is to ultimately develop more confident home growers and encourage active exchange between individuals with different levels of farming experience through complimentary workshops and other educational content. The first educational session is planned for the week of 25 October 2021 and will teach growers how to repot their seedlings to promote healthier plant growth. 

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