A corporate team taking a group photo at the end of a sustainable team bonding Kokedama crafting workshop at City Sprouts.

Embracing Nature, Cultivating Success: Corporate Team Building on a Sustainable Urban Farm

Have you ever felt like giving yourself a pat on the back after placing a stack of paper in the office recycling bin? Well, you’re probably not alone in feeling like you only have the bandwidth to do the bare minimum. Sustainable practices have become increasingly relevant in a world where speed and efficiency often trump protecting the environment. In a corporate setting, passivity can easily stifle our concern for the environment, especially when we need to channel our time and energy towards meeting the bottom line. 

This is where sustainable corporate workshops can help. By getting our hands dirty and making time to be outdoors as a team, we awaken our senses and reattune ourselves to the world around us. 

Our world gets a little bigger than the cube that we sit in each day as we remember that we are working as a team of individuals with unique skills that contribute to our shared goal. Doing team building activities on a sustainable urban farm reminds us that we are part of a collective that is deeply connected to the world around us. We learn to take ownership, get creative, and communicate with compassion - skills that are essential to building an effective workplace and strong team dynamic. 

As we embrace nature as a team, we cultivate habits that contribute to our success. 

One of the most significant advantages of hosting corporate team building events on a sustainable urban farm is the opportunity for employees to connect with nature. In today's urbanised world, many individuals spend the majority of their time indoors, disconnected from the natural environment. By immersing your team in the serene surroundings of a farm, you can rejuvenate your spirits, reduce stress levels, and gain a renewed appreciation for the outdoors. 

During City Sprouts’ signature farm tour, your team will get to enjoy these very benefits without having to step outside the city. Enter an oasis of calm inside the farm where the only notifications you should be receiving are the sounds of ducks quacking and chickens clucking. Of course, you will also get to learn about sustainable practices such as composting and how it plays a role in healthy soil, while exploring sustainable methods of managing waste on the farm and even in your own office! There will be opportunities to learn about various non-traditional farming practices like aquaponics, hydroponics, and aeroponics as you see first hand how urban farms in Singapore engage in creative methods to vary our nation’s sources of food. 


A group of corporates excitedly interacting with a chicken on a corporate bonding farm tour at City Sprouts.


Engaging in corporate team building activities amidst lush greenery and fresh air creates a conducive environment for collaboration and creativity. Learn how to harvest your own fresh vegetables and herbs during the farm tour, and turn them into delectable treats that you can enjoy as a team during our unique Farm-to-Table workshops. You can assemble a colourful flight of pesto bruschettas with basil, chilli and other fresh herbs from our farm, or make unique blue-coloured ondeh ondeh from scratch by extracting blue colouring from blue pea flowers. These workshops will give your team a chance to get creative and bond over a fun shared experience that deepens their connection with the natural world and something close to many Singaporeans’ hearts - food! 


A close-up shot of a workshop participant slicing up vegetables to assemble a Vietnamese rice roll at a farm-to-table corporate team bonding workshop at City Sprouts.


Instead of rushing from one task to the next, invite your team to slow down and practice mindfulness together as you craft something with your hands. Making a terrarium on the farm is a lovely way to do just that. As you arrange the soil, plants, moss and rocks carefully, you’ll be invited to enter a state of calm as you flow from one small but significant action to the next. It takes focus to put a terrarium together successfully, and that means leaving the busy thoughts of our everyday life aside for an hour as you give yourselves to the task at hand. 

A person focused in assembling a terrarium at a sustainable corporate team bonding workshop at City Sprouts.

It’s our hope that you’ll leave our urban farm feeling more connected to yourself, your colleagues, and with a fresh mind that is ready to face the days ahead.

Corporate team building on a sustainable farm offers so many ways for your team to grow together. Making time to be in nature and contribute to its flourishing reminds us that we are so much more than individual desk workers who are only there to fulfil our job descriptions. It brings us out of our office bubble and closer to the world around us. We are empowered to care not only for the environment, but for the community around us as we harvest, make food to share, and craft beautiful things like terrariums to give or enliven our work and living spaces. As we allow our minds and bodies to rest in nature, we give ourselves space to reflect and grow. With the many benefits derived from a sustainability-focused team building session, we believe your team will leave our farm feeling refreshed and ready to grow.  

Now all that’s left is to come visit us again! 

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