Feast the Festivities: 5 Christmas Desserts to Try At Our Christmas Farmers Market!

Feast the Festivities: 5 Christmas Desserts to Try At Our Christmas Farmers Market!

A Foodie's Guide to Our Christmas Farmers Market

There is no better way to embrace the Christmas spirit than embarking on a culinary journey through festive foods! From classic Christmas flavours to fusion favourites, this guide shines the limelight on some delectable Christmas desserts to add to your Christmas feast! Here are 8 Christmas desserts to try this festive season!

Lemuel Chocolate: Bean-To-Bar Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate, the ultimate Christmas classic, is a staple this festive season. This Christmas, take your hot chocolate cravings to the next level with Lemuel Chocolate’s Bean-To-Bar Ground Chocolate Granules for a rich and velvety cup of hot chocolate.
Christmas Treat at Christmas Farmers Market Singapore
This classic Christmas dessert contains 100% chocolate and no added sugar for maximum guilt-free flavour. Pair these granules with any dairy of your choice for the perfect sip of celebration. Look no further as Lemuel Chocolate brings his chocolate factory to our upcoming Christmas Farmers Market!

Everiday: Festive Pantry Staples

Christmas Treat at Christmas Farmers Market Singapore

Celebrate Christmas at every meal, starting with a festive breakfast! Everiday’s Gingerbread Granola is the perfect Christmas treat to start your mornings. Combining healthy ingredients like almonds, pecans, and dried cranberries with warmth of classic Christmas spices, this Gingerbread Granola is definitely a great addition to your Christmas desserts.

Christmas Treat at Christmas Farmers Market Singapore
For the perfect Christmas treat for gifting, Everiday’s pecan pie bliss balls smell and taste like Christmas. Catch Everiday’s best selling Christmas desserts in-stores or exclusively at our upcoming Christmas Farmers Market!

The Cheese Shop: Santa’s Christmas Platter

Planning the perfect Christmas party? Santa’s Christmas Platter from The Cheese Shop brings the spirit of sharing this festive season with a glorious spread of gourmet cheeses and accompaniments.

Christmas Treat at Christmas Farmers Market Singapore
Expect rich and flavourful cheeses like Brie with Truffle, 18-Month Comte, Wensleydale with Cranberries for a decadent Christmas treat that is sure to impress your guests! Get a first taste of these irresistible cheeses at The Cheese Shop’s booth during our Christmas Farmers Market.

Craft Truffles: Gourmet Truffle Gift Set

For a truly decadent addition to your Christmas table, Craft Truffles' Gourmet Truffle Gift Set showcases the best truffles such as Acacia Honey with Black Truffle, Spicy Truffle Mayonnaise, Truffle Slices and White Truffle Olive Oil.

Christmas Treat at Christmas Farmers Market Singapore
Taste the richness of the Umbrian countryside where Craft Truffle’s farm is located. Harvested in small-batches and carefully sourced and imported to you, be sure to taste quality indulgence this festive season.

Cassia Caneles: Festive-Filled Caneles

Christmas Treat at Christmas Farmers Market Singapore
Satisfy your sweet tooth this Christmas with some festive-filled caneles by Cassia Caneles, a home-based business turn Internet-sensation. Caneles are not your usual sweet treat as it has a charred crisp crust that is slightly bitter and caramelised. Taste this perfectly balanced French dessert with some Christmas flavoured fillings like Peppermint Mocha and Hot Cocoa. Grab Cassia Caneles’ hot selling bakes online or exclusively at our Christmas Farmers Market.

Christmas Desserts Curated For You At City Sprouts' Christmas Farmers Market

From the warm embrace of rich hot chocolate to indulgent cheeses and truffles, unlock the decadence of this festive season with these Christmas desserts. Curating the best culinary experience for you, join our Christmas Farmers Market for an exclusive first taste of the Christmas festivities.

Mark your calendar, gather your loved ones, and make your way to City Sprouts Henderson for a culinary adventure that promises to tickle your taste buds and ignite the Christmas spirit. See you at our Christmas Farmers Market!


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