Firecracker Farmer Starts Her Farm Plot at 76 years old

Firecracker Farmer Starts Her Farm Plot at 76 years old

Meet Mdm Marhaeni, the 76-year-old Firecracker Farmer behind Marhaeni's Garden

Her petite frame and gentle voice might remind you of your own grandmother, but behind that demeanor, Mdm Marhaeni is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to managing her very own greenhouse. Affectionately known as ‘Nenek’ (Grandmother in Malay) among the Punggol community, Mdm Marhaeni is one of the many community farmers in City Sprouts Punggol. Stepping into her greenhouse feels like visiting your grandmother during the weekends. Offering snacks and drinks to her guests, Mdm Marhaeni welcomes you into her green oasis like family.

Marhaeni's Garden, Like A Visit to Your Grandma's

On top of her full-time job, Mdm Marhaeni oversees her very own greenhouse, Marhaeni's Garden, located at Punggol. Despite getting help from her children and grandchildren, Mdm Marhaeni often insists that her method of plant upkeep is most optimal. With steady hands and an eye for detail, Mdm Marhaeni adopts a very personal and loving approach in her plant maintenance. Her love for nature and gardening starts from home. When asked if this passion for gardening is a family trait, Mdm Marhaeni chuckled and recounted how her children often had to rein in her gardening enthusiasm, concerned that it might become overwhelming. Nevertheless, she deeply cherishes her greenhouse, which was a heartfelt gift from her daughter, and feels a strong sense of ownership over it.

Forging Relationship Between Plants and Inner Peace

Like in many other cultures, Mdm Marhaeni finds a deep connection between plants and her religious and cultural beliefs. She believes that as living creatures, plants have the ability to listen, speak and interact with their environment. When asked if she had a favourite plant, Mdm Marhaeni declined, emphasising that all plants possess their own unique beauty and should be equally valued and appreciated.

Come Visit Mdm Marhaeni at Marhaeni's Garden! Cepat, nenek dah panggil (Hurry, Grandma is calling!)

📍City Sprouts Punggol, 50 Punggol East S828826
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