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Green Gifting: Support Sustainable Local Businesses this Christmas!

Make Your Shopping Count with These Sustainable Local Businesses!

'Tis the season for giving and joy! Ready to embrace the holiday spirit and celebrate Christmas? For those enthusiastic Christmas shoppers, pump the brakes before you hit the stores!

Christmas, in its traditional form, is frequently linked with extravagant spending, excessive use of paper and plastic, and even unnecessary food waste. This festive season, let's pause for a moment to reflect on our environmental impact created.

Instead of aimless shopping for the cheapest sales, make this Christmas special with Green Gifting by supporting sustainable local businesses. Every dollar spent is a pledge of your support to a bigger cause, empowering local communities and leaving a greener impact to our environment.

This article is the only shopping directory you will need for your seasonal shopping this Christmas. Here are 8 sustainable local businesses to support this festive season.

1. Soil Social

Soil Social Compost (2.5L/5L) | Soil Social

With the aim to close the resource loop, Soil Social generates local waste found in our landfills into premium compost that is suitable for gardeners of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned gardener, Soil Social compost is fool-proof and suitable for most plant species.

A green gift that is definitely out of the box, gifting your loved ones some compost will surely empower them to be growers and kickstart a new green hobby. Grab their products online or catch them at their next pop-up booth at a farmers market near you.

2. Purple and Pure

Sustainable Local Business to Support

Ditch the single-use stuff and opt for sustainable stationary and other lifestyle products from Purple and Pure. Stylishly designed and ethically produced, Purple and Pure is a sustainable local business whose products are carefully sourced from biodegradable materials.

Have you heard of plantable gifts? Every notebook, pencil and colouring book can be planted once it has lost its use and be regrown into a new plant. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! Add their products to your online shopping cart or catch them at their next pop-up booths at an upcoming farmers market.

3. MyNoNNa's

Sustainable Local Business

Sustainability is not just about leaving a green mark but can also focus on championing inclusivity in our society. Prepare to be dazzled by the culinary brilliance of My NoNNa's, an award-winning social enterprise on a mission to create meaningful employment opportunities for both differently-abled individuals and the elderly!

Food is always a comforting gift. Pledge your support by savouring their heritage-rich dishes that you can order directly from their kitchen or restaurants! Good news! My NoNNa’s is also one of our highlight vendors invited to our Christmas Farmers Market!

4. Fortitude Culina

fortitude culina singapore

This festive season, many businesses are sure to celebrate the Christmas spirit with corporate lunches. Make every bite of food an impactful one and show your support to disabled chefs from Fortitude Culina, a local sustainable business that seeks to empower disabled chefs in Singapore.

From local favourites like Rendang with Lemongrass Jasmine Rice and Quinoa to more adventurous fusion flavours like Ulam Raja Poolish Pizza, dine in a Christmas feast like no other. Bookmark this local sustainable business for your next corporate lunch! For an exclusive sneak peek into their delectable dishes, catch them at our Christmas Farmers Market for a first taste!

5. The Tinkerbox

Sustainable Local Business

Shop sustainable, shop practical. The Tinkerbox offers simple yet highly practical gifts for your loved ones. Specialising in handcrafted zero waste products, The Tinkerbox is a sustainable local business that transforms everyday items like phone straps and ziploc bags into plastic-free products.

Without compromising on style, The Tinkerbox also offers many different textiles and fabrics that you can choose from when hand-stitching your gift. Grab their products on their website or catch them at their next pop-up booth at a farmers market near you.

6. Mushroom Buddies 

Sustainable Local Business

Founded by e4pid (a local cooperative- Employment For Persons with Intellectual Disabilities), Mushroom Buddies is a mushroom farm and local sustainable business that specialises in growing Pearl Oyster Mushrooms. 

Employing youths with special needs, these locally-produced mushrooms are grown, harvested and transformed into delicious mushroom snacks that would be a perfect gift for foodies. Add their specialty products like Hot and Spicy Mushroom Chips and Mushroom Pate into your Christmas shopping cart now! Mushroom Buddies is located at City Sprouts, an urban farm in Henderson

7. The Green Collective

Sustainable Local Business

A household name for all things sustainable, The Green Collective is Singapore's first and largest collective of sustainable brands. Offering eco-conscious products ranging from composting to menstrual care - find the perfect gift and take a step towards a more sustainable future. Find them at Funan Mall or even better, a farmers market near you!


Sustainable Local Business

Calling all foodies, UPGRAIN pioneers in ‘radically better carbs’ for guilt-free snacking this festive season. Combining their proprietary UPGRAIN® low-carb flour with innovative cooking methods, this sustainable local business creates delicious noodles, bread and bakes for a guilt-free snack! Grab their products online or catch them at their next pop-up booths at a farmers market near you.

Support Local Sustainable Businesses This Christmas Season!

Think twice before hitting the stores! Are your purchases simply another disposable item or is it one that will leave a sustainable impact on the environment or the community around you?

For a one-stop shop for all things local and sustainable, check out our Christmas Farmers Market coming to you this December! With over 30 local sustainable businesses, pledge your support and join the green gifting movement this festive season.

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