Seeking Tranquility Through A Greenhouse Retreat

Seeking Tranquility Through A Greenhouse Retreat

Meet Eunice and Sebastian from 21 Greenhouse!

Amidst the hectic pace of the corporate world, Sebastian and Eunice created a haven of tranquility within their family greenhouse situated in City Sprouts Punggol. Nurturing this newfound passion amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, this husband and wife team transformed their hobbies into a serene sanctuary, offering a stress-relieving escape after demanding workdays.

21 Greenhouse is a reflection of their individual interests, with the first section adorned with edible greens and family-favourite vegetables, while the inner portion exudes a more masculine and cooler ambiance, serving as a dedicated space for Sebastian's cherished aroids and ornamental plants.

Growing Through Trial and Error

Cultivating their own edible greens, Eunice expressed how taking responsibility for growing her own vegetables has heightened her awareness of her family's dietary choices. Committed to adopting more sustainable farming practices, she places significant emphasis on cultivating her greens naturally, avoiding the unnecessary use of harmful pesticides or chemicals. The edible greens are also available for the public, where they can choose to harvest it on their own upon purchase.

One of her greater achievements is growing a large Japanese Musk Melon. Eunice shared that as a beginner, a lot of her knowledge and skills in growing vegetables comes from a process of trial and error, along with continuous practice.

Where Technology Meets Tradition

Even when their work frequently leads them abroad, their bond with their plants remains intact with the savvy use of technology. By installing a WIFI-enabled irrigation system, Sebastian can monitor the greenhouse's humidity levels and effortlessly automate the misting of his plants directly from his mobile device!

In this enchanting oasis, Sebastian and Eunice have not only cultivated a garden but also nurtured their spirits, finding a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. It's a reminder that amidst the chaos, we can all carve out our own slice of serenity and create a safe haven, close to nature.

Check our 21 Greenhouse at City Sprouts Punggol!

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