Things To Do This Weekend: Free & Sustainable Edition!

Things To Do This Weekend: Free & Sustainable Edition!

The weekends are here! Looking to explore the eco-friendly side of our concrete jungle without breaking the bank? You're in for a treat as we present our guide to a FREE Sustainable Weekend in Singapore.

Free Things To Do This Weekend: Sustainability Edition

Urban Farm in the City Singapore

City Sprouts Henderson, Urban Farm in the City 

Singapore is known as a garden city with over 47% of our land covered in green spaces. A nature park, garden or even a farm is merely a stone throw away from an MRT or bus interchange, making it the perfect pitstop on your FREE Sustainable Weekend.

If you are looking for free things to do this weekend, every neighbourhood estate in Singapore is home to a nature park where families can explore the sights and sounds of our nature’s biodiversity. There are also playgrounds perfect for children’s outdoor learning. These parks are free for the public, giving you a worriless adventure out in the great outdoors.

How often do you stumble upon an urban farm in the heart of the city? Good news as City Sprouts is home to an urban farm located in Henderson amongst HDB housing estates, schools and even a wet market and hawker centre!

Traditional Rice Plantations in Urban Farm in Singapore
Traditional Rice Plantations in City Sprouts

Giving you a glimpse of kampung life, this urban farm showcases traditional rice plantations and is also home to its residents chickens, quails and ducks! Remember to check out their more advanced tech-farming methods like aquaponics and mushroom container farms!

For free things to do this weekend, check out City Sprouts! Entry to City Sprouts is free for the public so do drop by for a refreshing experience at our farm in a city!

Declutter and Donate Old Clothes

The festive season is upon us. Before embarking on your festive shopping spree, a free thing you can do this weekend is to declutter your space!

As you meticulously declutter old clothes, bags and books, take this time to reflect on perhaps some unwise spending habits in the past and pledge to make more eco-conscious choices when shopping.

Textile Recycling Bin to donate old clothes in City Sprouts

Textile Recycling Bin To Donate Old Clothes

Now that you have a pile of old unwanted stuff, what now? Lucky for you, City Sprouts is also home to a textile recycling bin managed by Cloop, a circular fashion enterprise focusing on reducing fashion overconsumption and waste. Simply drop off your unwanted items in these bins located at City Sprouts!

Support Local Sustainable Businesses

For lunch, head to one of Singapore's many hawker centres. Ditch the reservations and GST service charge, these local food havens not only offer budget-friendly meals but also support our local community of hawkers.

Remember to bring your reusable utensils and containers to minimise single-use plastic waste.

Things To Do This Green and Free Weekend

Experience the best of a green weekend without breaking the bank! From exploring green spaces to embracing sustainable shopping, there are so many free things to do this weekend that not only benefit you but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious Singapore.

Begin your FREE Sustainable Weekend out first at City Sprouts! Entry is free and open to all! Learn more about our City Sprouts spaces and find one that is close to you! Join us on this green adventure, hope to see you soon!

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