Collection: Adopt a Tree

Be part of a powerful movement to rekindle our connection with nature! Every tree adopted contributes to cleaner air, healthier ecosystems, and a more vibrant planet for generations to come. Join us in creating a greener, more sustainable world one tree at a time! 

About the Initiative

Adopt a Tree is an afforestation project conducted by GWS Living Art and NUS Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions (CNCS). It applies the world renowned Miyawaki Method which aims to rapidly restore forested areas through planting of native forests on very degraded soils.

What's In Store?

🌿Pick your very own sapling and forge a bond that'll last a lifetime. Plant the seed of responsibility and watch your tree thrive under your care.
🌿Create an eco-conscious community with regular check-ins for the maintenance of your tree!

The Gaea Forest is looking for adopters to grow a fruit forest and native forest in Life Sprouts, Punggol. Join us and be part of the next generation of environmental stewards today!

Adopt a tree - for research

Adopt a research tree

You will be adopting a Research Tree that will be planted in Life Sprouts as part of the bigger research by NUS Centre for Nature-based Climate Solutions to study the effectiveness of afforestation efforts, how it impacts carbon sequestration and local biodiversity.

Be part of the #onemilliontrees movement

  • As an adopter of our trees at Life Sprouts, you'll receive:

    • In-person guidance on tree planting techniques
    • Entire activity is 45mins
    • Planting activity is 2pax to 1 tree.
    • A tree tag with your preferred name tagged on the tree
    • Quarterly updates about scientific records³ that our NUS partner recorded and observed.

    Location: City Sprouts Punggol, 50 Punggol East S(828824)

    ¹ Not mandatory, you may choose not to come, our staff will maintain the tree for you
    ³ Depends on NUS findings.

    Email to your corporation details to for Adopt-a-tree by Corporate Adopter.