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Alternative Farming - An aquaponics & hydroponics workshop

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Recycle Plastic Bottles

Raise our future generation as new-age young farmers! Teach the children what are the alternative farming methods - such as Aquaponics & Hydroponics. Tour the greenhouse and see live set-up and demos. End the workshop with a hands-on DIY hydroponic planter project and have fun with Longkang fishing!


  1. Learn the science behind aquaponics
  2. Go longkang fishing
  3. DIY an aquaponics home for your longkang fish + take it home!
  4. Learn to propagate plants by taking cuttings from our farm's herbs
  5. Chicken encounters - pet a chicken and collect eggs
  6. Farm-to-table tasting session - try freshly harvested veg

Things child gets to take home:

  1. A DIY aquaponics planter
  2. Live guppies
  3. A live herb or vegetable plant of your child's choice

Duration: 90mins

 ♻️  Recycle & Be Rewarded!
Enjoy $1 discount when you bring your used plastic bottles*. We'll be reusing 1 of the bottles in this workshop and City Sprouts will help you recycle the balance bottles!
*Kindly empty the bottles, rinse the bottles beforehand to facilitate our recycling efforts.

Minimum Age

5 years old.

City Sprouts Aquaponic Workshop

Aquaponic Farming

Learn about the symbiotic combination in which plants and aquaculture like fishes play their important roles in farming. Children get to role play as fishes, plants and microbes in a fun play-base learning experience.

Longkang Fishing

Relive the good old days of catching fishes from the drains with our Longkang fishing activity.

City Sprouts Aquaponic Workshop

DIY a Mini-Aquaponic

What if you get to keep the fishes and also grow your own vegetables? How does this sounds? We will be teaching the children how to make an easy DIY Aquaponic set-up with recycled bottle that they can bring home.

Chicken Goes Wild

Meet our resident farm animal - Chicken! Learn about their role in farming, get to pat a chicken and if you are in luck, you may even find freshly laid eggs!

  • Refund Policy

    Minimum 4 participants are required to proceed with the session. Full refund will be provided if minimum number is not reached. Credit for the value of your ticket will be issued in the form of a coupon for any other reasons.

  • PDPA Notice

    Please note that photos and videos may be taken during activities for the purpose of social media, e-newsletter and website. All photos taken will not be use in any commercial purposes, or in any manner that would exploit or cause malicious representation. If you do not wish to have your pictures or videos taken, please approach our friendly photographer.

  • Indemnity Notice

    As a paid participant, you acknowledge, fully informed and waive all liability, claims on the below:

    · Risk of injury from the activity.

    · Heat related injuries and illness including but not limited to heat exhaustion, sunburn and dehydration.