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Stem and Sprout: 3-days Kids Camp

Sprout the seed of sustainability in your child's mind early with our 3-day kids camp, Stem and Sprout!

Held in collaboration with Stem academy in our luscious urban farm, children can learn new sustainable skills that they can take home to their daily life. Stem academy aims to equip children with key skills from young, including STEM, IT, and Environmental skills among others, to help children discover their passion from young with skills that stand out from the crowd.

Day 1's activity includes three sessions: waste reduction, material reuse, and recycling. Participants learn about worms and waste, examine plants under a microscope, and create tote bags using Infusible Ink. The goal is to promote sustainable practices through hands-on experiences.

On Day 2 of the STEM Academy's sustainability program, participants engage in activities that include creating a scratch game to learn coding concepts and catching recyclable items. They also explore fruits and its water content by making fruit instruments, and reuse these fruits by feeding them to compost!

Day 3 involves a farm tour and farm scavenger hunt exploring nature in the children's own terms. Followed by a magic tea activity, and a hands-on craft workshop. It aims to explore flora and fauna, providing an immersive experience and promoting appreciation for nature.
Join us today to learn about the connection between nature and tech, in an accessible yet natural environment.