Secondary school students learning about plants from a guide while on a City Sprouts farm tour.

Cultivating Change: Lessons for Young Environmentalists from an Urban Farm

In the hustle and bustle of Singapore’s urban life, the concept of farming might seem like a distant, idyllic dream. However, the growing trend of urban farming is bringing agriculture back to our cities, not only as a means of producing fresh, local food but also as a powerful educational tool. Through learning journey programmes, educational farm tours, and workshops, urban farms are providing valuable lessons for young environmentalists, showcasing the importance of sustainable agriculture, resource conservation, and environmental stewardship.


The Sustainable Oasis: City Sprouts

Nestled amidst the concrete jungle of Singapore, City Sprouts stands as a testament to the potential for sustainability in urban settings. From rooftop gardens to vertical hydroponic systems, this urban farm is a living example of how cities can be transformed into hubs of ecological awareness and responsible farming practices. At the heart of City Sprout's mission is a commitment to sustainability and community engagement – to create communities that inform, educate and support action on social and environmental issues. 


A secondary school student from Spectra Secondary School trying out compost mixing while on a City Sprouts farm tour.

Educational Farm Tours: A Window into Sustainable Agriculture

The farm opens its gates to students through carefully crafted educational farm tours. These tours provide a unique and immersive experience, allowing young minds to witness the intricate dance between nature and technology. As students stroll through the rows of greenhouses, they are introduced to the following key lessons:

Sustainable Farming Practices

The farm tour educates students on sustainable farming practices such as composting, integrated pest management, and waste management. By understanding the importance of these practices, young environmentalists gain insight into how responsible agriculture and reducing waste can contribute to ecosystem health.

Resource Conservation 

Through hands-on activities, students learn about the judicious use of resources like water and energy. City Sprout’s 4-plot rice paddy field display serves as a practical example of the growing issue of food wastage in Singapore, highlighting the importance of Singapore’s space constraints and increasing need to delve into innovative urban farming methods.

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 

The farm acts as a living classroom where students discover the significance of biodiversity in agriculture. Bees buzzing around pollinating flowers and ladybugs patrolling for pests, worms involved in vermicomposting, and chickens chasing down plant-destroying insects illustrate the interconnected web of life that supports crop and plant growth.


Secondary school students from Raffles Girl's School learning about food and agricultural systems in a sustainable farm to table workshop.

Workshops for Environmental Stewardship

In addition to farm tours, City Sprouts hosts workshops designed to instil a sense of environmental stewardship in young minds. These interactive sessions cover topics such as:

Food Literacy 

Understanding where our food comes from and how it's grown fosters an appreciation for the environment. Workshops on food literacy delve into the journey from seed to table, emphasising the importance of supporting local and sustainable agriculture.

Climate Change Mitigation 

City Sprouts takes the opportunity to discuss and educate students, raising awareness in what role both an urban farm and they can play in mitigating climate change. These include reduced food miles and the promotion of eco-friendly agricultural practices.

Hands-On Farming 

To truly grasp the lessons of sustainability, students are invited to get their hands dirty. Trying their hand at composting, planting seeds, propagating plants, and participating in upcycling waste materials not only provide practical skills but also connect students emotionally to the land and their role as stewards of the environment.


Different urban farming practices and methods, as shown by City Sprouts, offer a powerful educational platform for young environmentalists. Through learning journey programmes, farm tours, and workshops, students gain invaluable insights into sustainable agriculture, resource conservation, and environmental stewardship. As these future leaders cultivate their understanding of the interconnectedness of urban life and nature, they are equipped to be advocates for a more sustainable and harmonious future. City Sprouts stands as a strong green advocate, reminding us that the environmental lessons and awareness learned in the fields of today will sow the seeds of a greener tomorrow.

Learn more about our learning journey programmes at City Sprouts! Get in touch with us if you would like to plan a learning journey programme for you and your students! 

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