Easy Composting with CNY Leftovers

Easy Composting with CNY Leftovers

We hope everyone had a great festive season this Dragon year and in a blink of an eye, we are down to the end of Feb with a very special Feb 29th this year. Almost done with your Chinese New Year cookies and snacks? Do not throw that red container away just yet! Donate them to our farm at City Sprouts or stay tuned for ways to upcycle the container.

Have plants at home? Join us in a composting workshop where we’ll share fruit peels, organic waste and vegetable scraps can be turned into compost with the right ratios! Such compost are an excellent addition to plants (Just look at our plants in the sensory garden!)


The lush sensory garden at City Sprouts Henderson


Did you know?
Composting reduces the need for pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Because compost enriches soil and promotes healthy plant growth, plants grown in compost-rich soil tend to be more resilient to diseases, pests, and fungi. Composting also reduces your food waste so keep that food scraps and fruit peels and repurpose them because every little bit helps protect our earth. Composting recycles essential nutrients back into the soil. Need a little more help? Organize a composting workshop with us and learn tips and tricks.


Alternatively, make your own fruit enzymes with orange peels from leftover oranges or pineapples. These citrus enzymes will be free of chemicals and smell zingy and refreshing. For those with young children or pets at home, these cleaners are definitely chemical free and safe for young children, pets and the earth! In 2 - 3 months, your enzyme cleaners will be ready for use. You can use the fruits enzymes as a multipurpose cleaner and use it to clean anything like tiles, bathroom, kitchen sinks and mirrors!


A prepared EcoEnzyme solution in a red-capped Chinese New Year snack container.

At City Sprouts, we are rooted in sustainability and we believe in promoting a closed loop system such as composting. We work with partners aligned in this vision of a more sustainable future and our family days, markets or team bonding workshops touch on different facets of sustainability. 

Together with Restaurant AIR (an acronym for Awareness, Impact and Responsibility), a new restaurant helmed by Chef Matthew Orlando, City Sprouts had a mini pop up farmers market on the 25th Feb 2024! We were very blessed with good weather and the public enjoyed free farm tours, a curated list of vendors, workshops and restaurant specials at the beautiful lawn of Restaurant AIR. For more information on upcoming events, head to our Instagram page

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