Green Halloween on the Farm: A Sustainable Spooktacular for Kids

Green Halloween on the Farm: A Sustainable Spooktacular for Kids

Halloween, as we know it, is often associated with candy wrappers, plastic decorations, and excessive waste. Is there a way for us to this celebrate this spooktacular season eco-responsibly?

Introducing Farm Frights, our Signature Halloween Carnival and Night Market that combines the festive spirit with the important mission of instilling lessons of sustainability! Welcome to the farm, where Halloween becomes an eco-friendly adventure!

Aligning to City Sprouts’ core values of seeking adventure through eco-conscious experiences, here are some key efforts to inculcate the importance of sustainability into our Halloween festivities!

Shop Sustainably with Our Consciously Curated Vendors!

Vendors for the Night Market have been curated based on their choice of product and sustainable practices. Gourmet treats offered by vendors are nutritious and do not contain the use of preservatives. Vendors also discourage the use of single-use plastics and urge customers to bring their own containers. 

With a socially-conscious mission in mind, Gaily Bakes will be offering Pie Madeleine as an exclusive item for this Night Market and will be donating 10% of their profits to animal shelters on a regular basis.

Learn Through Play with Our Farm Halloween Carnival

Fright Pass Activities have been designed for kids to deepen their connection to nature and the environment. Through simple activities such as concocting farm fresh herb drinks and swapping pumpkin-carving with capsicums, these activities encourage kids to value their connection with food by reducing food waste and appreciating nature’s harvest

In Dress The Scarecrow, City Sprouts will be partnering with Cloop, a circular fashion enterprise focused on reducing fashion overconsumption. Utilising donated preloved clothes, children will be introduced to the concept of reusing and upcycling unwanted clothes through this fun activity.

Furthermore, situating our activities on the urban farm provides kids with the opportunity to be close to nature and its biodiversity through multi-sensory exploration.

The Only Farm Halloween Carnival & Night Market in Singapore!

Make this Halloween one to remember by taking your kids to City Sprouts for a unique and eco-friendly celebration. So, let's make this Halloween a meaningful, unforgettable adventure on the farm, where lessons learned are as valuable as the treats collected. 

Register for Farm Fright here! We hope to see you there!

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