Kiddos Take The Plunge, Adventure Camps Galore!

Kiddos Take The Plunge, Adventure Camps Galore!

School is back in session, but our spirit for adventure remains high especially after our jam-packed week of Kids Adventure Camps this September Holidays! Venturing into hidden nature spots all around the island, learn more about the exciting journey of discovery that our little explorers embarked on!

Island Explorers @ Punggol

This 3-day expedition based at City Sprouts Punggol, is centered around exploring undiscovered landscapes within Singapore, such as the Lorong Halus Wetlands and Coney Island, to deepen our understanding of our environment and its diverse ecosystems.

In all City Sprouts camps, we prioritize thoughtful mindfulness. Here, children not only engage in exciting adventures but, more importantly, they actively reflect on their experiences to track their learning and personal development. Equipped with a comprehensive reflection journal, binoculars and magnifying glass, we encourage children to record their observations through sketches and brief notes.

Hear From Our Little Explorers!

What have you learnt from this camp?

"When sea almonds trees die, they return nutrients to the trees! I also learnt that fish poison seed can float in water for 15 years!"

"I learnt that taking care of the environment is very important. Whenever I turn on the aircon, hot air will come out of the room and warm up the arctic." 

Coastal Escapade @ Henderson

On this expedition, we ventured to East Coast Park and Fort Canning Park! Exposing the kids to uneven terrains and the wilderness, the kids are encouraged out of their comfort zone, practicing teamwork and empathy to look out for one another. City Sprouts camps are most suitable for children aged 6 to 12 years old. With this mixed age groups, we hope to cultivate a caring learning environment where older kids get the opportunity to guide the younger ones throughout the adventures!

Little Green Thumb Workshops

Some workshops featured in this camp include an herb planting session where kids learn the A to Z of herb cultivation. From soil maintenance, watering and potting, we hope this cultivates a sense of ownership and responsibility for the little ones when they bring their herb plants home. 

Engaging in an outdoor cook-out, the kids also put their culinary skills to the test with an omelette-making session with ingredients harvested fresh at our City Sprouts urban farm. 

Eco-Warriors for Our Planet's Future

To commemorate the end of these exciting adventures, we hope to empower children to be eco-warriors of their own environment. Educating them of the dangers of sea level rise or global warming, we hope to introduce these important issues to our kids and hopefully empower them to make eco-conscious choices in their everyday lives. 

Concluding with a tree-planting session, we hope that the kids gain a memorable and meaningful experience at City Sprouts Kids Adventure Camp, where collaborative education and exhilarating fun go hand-in-hand!

More Curated Camps Coming To You This October!

The fun has just begun! This October, we have curated a series of more adventure camps just for you! In our Fall Edition, we are introducing not one but two adventure camps - Amber Adventure @ Henderson and Cloud Quest @ Bukit Timah! For more information and hassle-free registration, visit our website here!

Amber Adventure | 10th to 12th October 2023

Cloud Quest | 17th to 19th October 2023

Hurry, register your child now as slots are limited! Grab our bundle promotions and early bird discount too! For more information and hassle-free registration, visit our website here!

Keep a look out for more Kids Camps and Events here! We hope to see you and your little explorers soon! 


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