A mother with her young child and an elderly mother with her adult daughter on the fashion runway

The First Intergenerational Fashion Show

To celebrate the opening of the DBSFoundation Outdoor Theatre on 3 May 2023, City Sprouts was proud to host its inaugural event - The First  Intergenerational Fashion Show in Singapore! We saw cultures and age collide with children, parents, and even grandparents of different races and of course, age, strut the runway and wow the audiences with their confidence. Adorned by their dazzling outfits by The Fashion Pulpit, it truly shows how age is not a limiting factor in confidence and beauty! 

Aside from age, the runway also provided a platform for various social causes; all clothes from The Fashion Pulpit were preloved second-hand clothing to bring home the message on sustainability, and models with special abilities from the Singapore Fashion Runway also showcased their own creations on stage.

Having seen how The Fashion Pulpit and Singapore Fashion Runway transforms used clothing into beautiful collages of design and colour, we are once again reminded of the immense untapped potential of used textiles. While some used textiles have been given a new life, most non-biodegradable textile waste alone makes up 17 million tons of waste in landfills. For years, City Sprouts has been dedicated to raising awareness about the impact of fashion waste.

Intergenerational Runway

Generations collided and exploded in bright colours and smiles when our models from children to grandmas all took the stage, with their children or parents in hand in this unforgettable experience. Aside from family pairs, we also had older models relive their younger modelling days and show the crowd that beauty and fashion know no age. Many children were more than happy to show off their colorful outfits, and our grandparents were thrilled to be doing such a meaningful activity with their loved ones, especially if they can dress up. Undoubtedly, this event will become a core memory for all of those involved, and parent models joked that their children will definitely be bragging about their involvement with the fashion show for weeks to their friends. Many more senior models also feedback that it was beneficial for them to go outdoors for more innovative events such as this, as who would’ve guessed they’d be walking the runway at sixty?

a mother and child walking the intergenerational fashion runway

All the models were adorned in beautiful clothing provided by The Fashion Pulpit, reworked with such detail that you would not have known it was all pre-loved second hand clothing! Much like people, clothing and textiles also have no expiration on beauty, and our models and their clothes represent this well!

No event would be complete without prizes and competition, and our lucky winners were able to win an exclusive boat ride just for them to enjoy each other's company. Modelling is hard work, and aside from the winners, all the models also got a free ride down the Singapore river on a DBS yacht for their efforts to the cause and the opening event. We also wish to thank our models from taking time off their busy schedules of work, school, or even simply coming down to support our cause.

Walking for a Social Cause

While the intergenerational segment proved that all ages can pull off fashion with confidence, the Singapore Fashion Runway proved that anyone can create beautiful clothing out of anything. Models with special abilities from the Singapore Fashion Runway showcased their handmade pieces, ranging from pouches, to full dresses made entirely by them with leftover textile waste and pre-loved clothes. These models may have been shy to present before a large crowd before the show, but ended up stealing the show with their glowing confidence and highly detailed reworked pieces.

The Singapore Fashion Runway not only managed to send across a message regarding reworking and upcycling textile waste, but also supports these models with special abilities to find a passion and craft that they may be interested in and they would be able to make a living with. By giving these individuals a platform to express themselves through design and art, they promote wellness and independence.

With the support of the #DBSFoundation, the fashion show was an overwhelming success; proving that sustainable fashion is attainable by anyone. Like the purpose of the DBSFoundation Outdoor Theatre is to bring like-minded impact changers together, our purpose is to ensure that more people gain access to how easy a sustainable lifestyle can be, and that anyone can play a part in reducing waste and living sustainably.

City Sprouts also constantly hold workshops and events across Singapore to educate and promote a more sustainable lifestyle in our little red dot. Keep a lookout on our upcoming events page for any of our exciting events where you can be hands-on in learning how to stay sustainable with our workshops and friendly trainers. Learn more about City Sprouts vision and mission, or join us as a volunteer yourself!

See you soon.

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