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Things To Do This Weekend: Farm-Fresh Recipes Edition

What’s on your plate this weekend?

As the workweek winds down, it is finally time to curate your perfect weekend agenda. If you have ran out of things to do during the weekends, it is now time to look inwards towards your home and to craft new experiences that are rewarding and perfect for the weekend!

One universal activity that will definitely appeal to all is food - eating, cooking and trying new food will always be a pleasant journey of exploration for all. Looking for things to do this weekend? With more time in your hands this weekend, why not try some healthy alternatives to our usual local food? Here is our farm-fresh edition of top things to do this weekend!

Healthy Nasi Ulam (Mixed Herb RIce)

Farm-Fresh Herb Harvesting Urban Farm City Sprouts Singapore

For many, RICE is LIFE. Instead of the usual fried rice affair we go to during our weekday lunches, why not try Nasi Ulam, a unique Malaysian mixed herb rice salad that combines the comfort and familiarity of rice with the vibrant flavours of farm-fresh herbs.

Explore the zesty flavours of farm-fresh herbs like Thai Basil, Lemongrass and Wild Betel Leaves. With herbs easily found, but often overlooked in our local supermarkets, whipping up a bowl of Nasi Ulam takes less time than waiting for your food delivery to arrive.

Farm-Fresh Vietnamese Rice Roll

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Craving your next holiday? Bring rich Asian flavours into your kitchen with farm-fresh Vietnamese Rice Rolls, a traditional summer dish made with vermicelli noodles, rice paper and fresh vegetable filling. The best part is, this delicious roll does not need to be cooked or fried and is often eaten raw. Recreate this familiar taste at home with fresh herbs and vegetables for a refreshing weekend lunch.

Zero Sugar Chinese Rojak

For a familiar taste of home, whipping up this local favourite Chinese Rojak is the perfect snack for when you are feeling peckish at home. Chinese Rojak is a popular Singapore dish that is a combination of fresh fruits, vegetables tossed in a sweet, savoury sauce.
Farm-Fresh Healthy Rojak
But who said that Chinese Rojak has to be a guilt-tripping treat, especially when it is homemade with healthy ingredients. Swap the white sugar with natural honey and this dish instantly becomes a zero sugar recipe! As a more fulfilling alternative, substitute the carb-heavy you tiao, for tau pok that is made from fried tofu skin.

Health and Happiness Starts This Weekend

As our weekend culinary adventure comes to a close, we hope this guide has ignited your passion for creating delicious and healthy meals at home. Seek adventurous things to do during the weekends right from the comfort of your home, where a farm-fresh dish is just moments away.

Looking to get together to savour these farm-fresh recipes with your loved ones or even corporate colleagues? Enjoy our Farm-To-Table workshop where we whip up these delicious recipes with harvest from our very own City Sprouts urban farm in the city. Enquire to find out more!

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