Urban Farms Sprouting In Every Corner? - Why are more and more city dwellers turning to urban farming?

Urban Farms Sprouting In Every Corner? - Why are more and more city dwellers turning to urban farming?

Turns out, the sudden burst of interest for gardening is more than a fleeting phase during the COVID-19 pandemic. Urban farming in Singapore has unmistakably established itself its long-term presence here, serving a purpose that extends well beyond a simple hobby. Instead, it plays a significant role in fortifying the nation's food supply and imparting valuable education to a wider population.

New Urban Farm Allotment Plots at West Coast

Farm allotment plots are a plenty despite the nation's limited land size. With 3 urban farm spaces, City Sprouts offers more than 90 individual farm plots with more to come! Demand for farm allotment plots are increasingly present in Singapore. Launching its new space at West Coast, this urban farm space boasts more than 35 farm plots, welcoming more aspiring urban agri-preneurs and passion-drive horticulturists. 

Here are 3 ways urban farming in Singapore is revolutionizing the community and the agricultural industry.

1. Innovation Is The New Normal

Vertical Urban Farm in Singapore

Embracing the government's vision of “growing more with less,” urban farmers are consistently challenged to push boundaries. Gone were the days of traditional farming, with modern farming methods such as vertical farming and aquaponics becoming the new norm of agriculture.

Kale, in Sunny Singapore? Absolutely! Innovation knows no bounds when it comes to crop diversity, proving that even the most unexpected produce can thrive through clever technology and modern methods.

2. Sprouting Symbiosis Between Man & Nature

Farms no longer conjure images of vast and uninhabited land. Urban farming in Singapore can be seen sprouting in everyday spaces such as HDB rooftops, underutilized commercial spaces and community parks, bringing nature closer to the masses and increasing accessibility to green spaces.

Returning to nature's embrace, an increasing number of individuals are shifting their focus away from digital devices and opting to cultivate their gardening skills and explore farming. With the nation's increasing emphasis on mental health, a therapeutic gardening session is only a stone throw away with the advent of urban farms sprouting in every neighbourhood.  

3. Catalyst for Community-Building

Community Events in Urban Farms in Singapore

Urban farming in Singapore has also evolved into a remarkable platform for communities to unite and flourish. Regardless of age or background, it serves as an educational platform for people of all walks of life. Fostering increased interaction among community members, the young can learn from the old, and the old find renewed vigour in sharing their wisdom.

Keen to Rent a Farm Allotment Plot Of Your Own?

Register your interest with us to rent a farm allotment plot at City Sprouts. Join our community of City Sprouts farmers, be it passionate hobbyist or inspiring agri-preneurs. If you are keen, do join our waiting list. You will be contacted once a farm allotment plot becomes available.

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