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What makes us a sustainable social enterprise?

As we enter into the Christmas songs and Starbucks Holiday Drinks season, we look back on what makes us unique as a social enterprise focusing on building resilient and sustainable communities through sustainable workshops, learning journeys and community engagement. 

Inclusivity and Innovation At Our Core

Inclusive Programmes for Persons With Disability Nature Based
Farmers Market Visitors from Punggol Plantopia 

City Sprouts offers innovative and sustainable solutions. We adapt reused spaces to create spaces and inclusive communities through various engagement activities. Traditional markets may not adequately address the needs of marginalized or underserved communities. By filling these gaps, we hope to improve the well-being of those who are often left behind.

This year, we developed new programmes that bring together corporate volunteers and beneficiaries. We innovated team bonding activities that are both meaningful and stick true to what team bonding activities should be - creating shared and impactful memories. From tree planting to sowing seeds together with the special needs, we strive to integrate social and environmental responsibility and hope to drive positive change across various industries.

Striving towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Corporate Tree Planting Programme with ST Engineering
Corporate Tree Planting at ST Engineering Green Day 

Today, many consumers prioritise ethical and sustainable products and services. Our farmers market works closely with local communities that offer such goods and services. By empowering local communities, we engage in skills development and community involvement. One of our key focus SDG Areas is on SDG 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities.

When communities take ownership of their development, they are more likely to prioritize sustainability, resilience, and inclusivity in their decision-making processes. Research shows that sustainable communities are better prepared to withstand and recover from various shocks and stresses, such as natural disasters, economic challenges, and public health crises. Resilient communities are essential for achieving SDG 11's target of building safe and resilient cities and settlements.

Elevating Impact With CSR Programmes

Corporate Volunteers Volunteering at Urban Farm SingaporeWalkMe Corporate Volunteering Session at City Sprouts Urban Farm

We are heartened to foster inclusive bonds and social cohesion through our various outreach programmes from CSR Programmes to team bonding activities. We strongly believe that inclusivity fosters social cohesion, reducing the potential for urban conflicts and social disparities. In a time when global challenges require innovative, inclusive, and sustainable solutions, we hope to drive positive change and create a more sustainable future for all.

Join our cause through our corporate programmes and instill the heart of giving together. Learn more about our corporate programmes and volunteering opportunities. Reach out to us if you are keen to customize a Corporate Sustainability Programme that fits your unique team! 

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