Our programmes team leading a farm tour for a corporate bonding programme. People are looking at freshly harvested produce from the City Sprouts farm.

Are we done feasting?

Connecting with our food: A more conscious 2024

"New year, new me" usually also translates to a healthier body, mind and soul post the Christmas feasting.

Fun Fact: Do you know the carbon footprint of a traditional Christmas dinner? Turkey is the most common main meat for a Christmas dinner and the dish’s grams of carbon dioxide equivalent (gCO2e) is broken down as below (according to Tech Network): 

Turkey: 1,740
Oven for 3.5 hours: 367
Roast potato: 204
Roast carrots: 133

Total: 2444 gCO2e -- That’s equivalent to more than 5 car miles!

Gradually, we are more conscious of what we eat and at City Sprouts, our farm tours weave in the element of connecting people to food. Singapore is also known as a Food Haven and it is ironic that Singaporeans are not well versed with their food source. In 2023, we had more than 1300 school children attending our learning journeys and we take great pride in educating them on their food sources. It is no surprise that most of the city’s children have not petted a chicken before.

One of the key focuses of our urban farm is to educate and raise awareness of responsible consumption and production - one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we are focused on. Our farm tour for children focuses on a sensory and interactive experience to pique their interest in our food source and hopefully, grow a curiosity for their food source. To strengthen Singapore’s food security, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) is pursuing three broad strategies called the 3 Food Baskets:

  1. Diversify import sources to reduce risk of reliance on any single food supply source
  2. Grow local to provide buffer supply in event of overseas supply disruptions
  3. Grow overseas to help local companies expand abroad

Although we are not a production farm, we raise awareness on sustainable urban farms and why these farms are important - not just for our city to breathe but to provide an alternative to importing food sources. Growing local has evolved from traditional farming to high tech farming. Our farm tours include showcasing various types of farming techniques and we invite you to join us at our urban farm.

This year, we will be introducing a more varied type of farm to table experiences for our corporate workshops as food is a strong way to connect people and a visual way to understand our food sources. What better way to connect people than through food? 

Interested in a corporate workshop with us? Contact us for more information.


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